This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating mothers with a special recording!

Whether you have one child or many, whether your kids are young or grown, all moms can use a little more patience, playfulness and presence in their lives… and way less exhaustion, guilt and stress.

To help you reach your mom-life goals, we have a hypnosis recording “Mother's Day: Patience, Playfulness, Presence” on our Grace App!

A Spa Day For Your Heart, Mind and Soul

You’ll find yourself in a peaceful spa designed just for moms. This is your safe space to unwind and rejuvenate.

The first gentle spa treatment increases your patience. In this luxurious space you’ll visualize yourself reacting calmly and compassionately to your children, even in challenging situations. 

The second spa treatment enhances your playfulness. You’ll have the opportunity to fully let go of stress and immerse yourself fully in playtime with your children. Feel the joy and freedom that comes with embracing your playful side.

Your final mental spa treatment of the session brings you fully into the present moment. You’ll first practice on something like a beautiful flower. Then, take that into the next experience of connecting with your children in the present moment, feeling a deep sense of appreciation for them and for yourself.

As you start to come back to the present moment, you’ll notice how you feel a sense of rejuvenation and love. You return with greater patience, playfulness, and presence. 

How to Listen to this Recording

Remember, practicing self-care and nurturing your mom soul is not selfish; it's essential. By taking care of yourself, you're better able to care for others. So, go out there and enjoy your increased patience, playfulness, and presence. You deserve it, mama!

This guided meditation and hypnosis is best listened to consecutively for 30 days. You can even listen to it multiple times in one day especially to the beginning to get those new neural pathways nice and strong. 

While this is a premium recording, we offer a free version on youtube as a gift to our community. If you prefer to listen to the digitally remastered 25 min version, you can access it on our Grace Hypnotherapy App! Our app contains hundreds of recordings and helpful features such as offline listening, marking favorites, developing a streak of how many days in a row the app has been used and more.

The 8-hour version is available below:


Listen to the digitally optimized 30 min full recording of Mother's Day: Patience, Playfulness, Presence Meditation & Hypnosis through the Grace Hypnosis and Meditation App. Listen for free for 7 days and get access to 100s of additional hypnosis recordings by clicking the button below