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The real reason willpower alone never works.

You haven’t done anything wrong…at least not consciously…

We all have something called the subconscious mind, which means “existing in the mind but not consciously known or felt.”  According to research, 95% of the time our life is controlled by the subconscious mind. We use our conscious mind, where our desires and aspirations reside, only 5% of the time. Therefore, no matter what thoughts or feelings we want to have, if our subconscious mind is programmed to think or feel differently, you will not be able to change them.

Let’s say you would like to reduce your stress at work. You consciously know it’s important and healthy to do that. However, you might have a subconscious belief that stress helps you “get things done,”  and that if you were to let go of it you would just relax, become lazy, and accomplish nothing. No matter how much you want to let go of stress, you will only truly overcome it once you change this subconscious belief about stress.

The most effective way to reach your subconscious is by relaxing into a deeper state of mind where you can effectively become aware of these beliefs and make changes to your subconscious blueprint. So is there a system or a process that will put you in that perfect state of mind so that your negative subconscious programming can be replaced by positivity and a sense of focused calm?

There is, and that’s exactly what our Grace app is all about.


Why hypnosis works.

Hypnosis is a natural, familiar state. We all move in and out of the hypnotic state all day long. For instance, sometimes we go into this state when we’re driving, watching TV, listening to music, or working on a project that we’re passionate about.

In a more relaxed state, you can make extremely powerful changes in your life because it is the state in which you are the most receptive, creative, and intuitive.

Hypnosis produces increased awareness of the unconscious mind, heightened sense of suggestibility, and deep relaxation to access the subconscious mind without resistance. This allows for brain wave state shifts to take place to promote wellness and recovery.

Forget what you see in the movies. Put simply, Hypnosis feels like meditation but with a goal. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to bring you into a relaxed state where you can work on the goals that are most important to you.

Get ready to change your life.

Download the Grace App and get instant access to 100+ hypnosis recordings. In as little as 12 minutes, you can make positive changes in your life that stick, even if nothing else you’ve tried worked. Just close your eyes, get comfy, and let Grace do the work.