This guided hypnosis session, created by our founder and Certified Hypnotherapist Grace Smith, is designed to help listeners develop a debt-free mindset.

Debt can wreak havoc on your sleep, your nervous system, your digestion, your relationships, and more.

It’s time to release old habits that have resulted in debt, and replace them with new habits and a mindset aimed at creating abundance for the long-run.

Through a blend of guided relaxation and visual imagery, this hypnosis session encourages a deeper understanding of financial independence and the psychological impact of debt. 

Grace explores the common pitfalls and consequences of taking borrowed money versus the value of earning and saving wisely. She also covers the idea of leveraging compound interest as a pathway to build sustainable wealth.

With this recording you’ll be able to feel your attitude towards money shift in a transformative way as you become more open and excited about prioritizing financial planning over quick gains burdened by debt. 

By integrating these concepts into your subconscious by listening to “Debt-Free Mindset” consistently for at least 30 days, you’ll soon notice your financial behaviors have changed and you’ll have found a sense of peace and abundance.

While this is a premium recording, we offer a free version on YouTube as a gift to our community.

If you prefer to listen to the digitally remastered 25 min version, you can access it on our Grace Hypnotherapy App! Our app has many helpful features such as offline listening, marking favorites, and it also keeps track of your streak of how many days in a row you've listened to the app.

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