Overview: Can you motivate yourself with hypnosis? Learn how hypnosis for success works and how it can build your ambition and motivation. 

Imposter's syndrome, fear of success, perfectionism, fear of failure…

Roadblocks to success take many forms, but all of them share a commonality. They're caused by faulty thinking.

We develop subconscious emotions, fears, and attachments that keep these roadblocks in place. For example, people who struggle with perfectionism think if it's not perfect, why bother. Or the anxiety of being perfect drives them to inaction.

Ultimately, overcoming this fear requires removing the subconscious block – the fear.

Hypnosis can help you be more successful, more motivated, and ambitious. 

The idea is simple: Hypnosis allows us to access to subconscious. We can then begin to identify our success blockers and reframe them into more helpful, productive associations and attachments. 

The perfectionist might learn that success requires continuous improvement, small imperfect steps along the way. Or someone fearing failure might learn to embrace failure, and change their emotional response to failure. Rather than anxiety, they might attach emotions of success; failure is progress after all.

What's Holding You Back from Success? 

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Recognizing what's holding you back is the first step in improving success with hypnosis.

Generally, if you aren't feeling motivated and getting things done, you might recognize these warning signs:

  • Losing interest in subjects fast
  • Procrastinating
  • Putting things off
  • Failing to finish tasks
  • Losing track of goals and objectives
  • Feeling like you could be accomplishing more
  • Feeling depressed, anxious or gloomy

Roadblocks to success

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Ultimately, there are numerous roadblocks holding us back from success. Some of the most common include a lack of motivation and ambition, over-criticalness, fear of success, and fear of failure.

Feeling Overwhelmed. A complex task can easily overwhelm us. Rather than get started, it’s easier to just not. The subconscious won’t allow us to break a task down into manageable parts, and we only see it broadly. We don't even know where to begin. 

Negative Self-Talk. Taming your inner critical is a key to success. A lack of motivation is often caused by letting the subconscious tell us that we’re not good enough or that we shouldn’t even try.

People Pleasing. People pleasers always think about others before themselves, and this prevents success. They don’t get a chance to think about what it is they want, and what their goals are. The subconscious must be re-trained put you first.

Fear of Failure / Success. Fear is a leading cause of inaction. Taming these fears and reframing them as motivators can help you move forward and succeed.

Lack of Confidence. When we don’t believe in ourselves or have imposter's syndrome, it’s much easier to not do something. We have to retrain the mind to expect success and to build confidence. Hypnosis is great for building confidence.

Focusing on the Unpleasantness. Some tasks aren’t pleasant, but they have to get done. Cleaning the oven, balancing a checkbook, paying bills. When we let the subconscious think about how hard or unpleasant a task will be, that can prevent us from checking tasks off our to-do lists.

Procrastination. Finally, procrastination might be the root cause of our motivational troubles. When we let the mind put tasks off, we fall into a cycle. Overcoming procrastination with hypnosis can instantly improve your success. 

How Hypnosis for Success and Motivation Works 

Hypnosis is a process that helps you reach a state of relaxation and hyper-focus.

This process is very similar to meditation. However, once you reach this state, you open a direct line of communication with the subconscious.

You can first learn what fears, emotions, and attachments the subconscious holds for success. Plus, during hypnosis, the subconscious is very open to suggestions and new information.

Therefore, you can bypass and update existing roadblocks and replace them with new thinking patterns.

What the process is like

You can practice hypnosis by listening to a hypnosis app or working with a certified hypnotherapist. Once you reach a state of relaxation, the recording or hypnotherapist will provide suggestions to help you subconscious form new connections.

These carefully worded suggestions empower the subconscious to change and unseat some of those harmful patterns that control our lives.

This success hypnosis video will provide you with an idea of how the process works:

Generally, you'll want to continue this process, and overtime, you can begin to remove and replace those unwanted triggers that are holding you back from success.

Although you might notice positive changes after a single session, the more you practice hypnotherapy, the more these suggestions will stick and create lasting positive change in your life.

How Hypnosis Helps Motivate You

With hypnotherapy, our goal is to teach the subconscious new patterns of thought. Generally, this means reframing negative thinking, and forming new emotional attachments to success.

This can look differently for every person. Some might need to reduce the anxiety that's caused by a fear of failure. Others might need to build confidence.

Some of the most common ways hypnosis can empower you include:

  • Get You Excited About Success: Wanting to succeed is a powerful motivator, and through hypnosis, we can change how the mind views success. In particular, we can use hypnosis to get the subconscious excited about reaching goals and accomplishing more. 
  • Improving Our Sense of Responsibility: This sense of responsibility diminishes over time. Hypnosis can help us to foster and reestablish this sense of drive, a powerful tool for keeping us motivated.
  • Removing Negative Thinking Patterns: Many of those causes of a lack of motivation – fear of failure, feeling overwhelmed, etc. – require us to work with the subconscious, and reprogram its natural, automatic responses. Through hypnosis, we can feed the subconscious suggestions for new, more positive ways of thinking.

  • Building Confidence: If we envision success and even expect it, we’re much more likely to achieve it and stay motivated. Through hypnosis, we can reprogram the subconscious to be a powerful ally, encouraging and helping us to belief in our abilities.

  • Reducing Anxiety: Anxiety and fear work hand-in-hand. Hypnosis for anxiety allows us to address fears and change the way the subconscious tells us to respond to stress.

Does Motivational Hypnosis Work? A Review of Research

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You’ll notice effects after a single hypnosis session – whether you listen to a recording in an app, or go to a one-on-one hypnosis session. Some common benefits of using hypnosis for motivation include: 

  • Short-Term Benefits: A single hypnosis session will help you to feel relief, a sense of calm and it can greatly alter your mood. If you’re feeling anxious about starting a project, or stress from piling up deadlines, a self- or guided hypnotherapy session will help you to calm the mind, refocus your energy, and energize you to stay motivated.

  • Long-Term Benefits: Practicing self-hypnosis or going to one-on-one sessions regularly will empower you to find sustained motivation. You’ll be rebuilding your subconscious to encourage and push you to succeed. A regular hypnosis plan will help you foster ambition and passion, and help you completely remove unhelpful subconscious thinking patterns.

Clinical Research and Trials 

Hypnotherapy research shows it works, for everything from improving success, to quitting a video game addiction. In terms of research into success, motivation and ambition, hypnotherapy has been shown to: 

Procrastination. A 2012 study, for example, examined how hypnosis could help people with anxiety overcome procrastination. After undergoing hypnotherapy, the participants reported lower procrastination scores, which suggests that hypnosis can improve motivation. Another study found that hypnosis could help roughly half of college students in the study overcome procrastination.

Visualizing Success. Hypnosis is a powerful visualization tool. One study looked at student success rates after visualizing their success from a third-person perspective. Ultimately, the study found that this form of visualization boosts motivation and helped to improve perceptions of success.

Improved Sleep / Relaxation. If stress and anxiety are holding you back, hypnosis can help you unwind and get better sleep. Sleep is often a powerful motivator, and when we feel fully rested, we can accomplish more. One study found that hypnosis for sleep resulted in spending 80% more time in deep sleep.

Goal Attainment. A small research study of students found that hypnosis resulted in significantly greater goal attainment in subjects. Ultimately, hypnosis can help you set goals and visualize success.

Try Motivational Hypnosis Today

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