You deserve relief from pain…

Did you know a meta-analysis of 85 studies showed that hypnosis is effective for pain reduction?

We have a full blog dedicated to Hypnosis for Pain Relief you can find here.

You can also catch this incredible TV segment where our Founder Grace Smith had the opportunity to personally showcase the merits of using hypnotherapy as an effective, non-invasive alternative to opioid use for pain reduction.

If you experience any pain or discomfort on a regular basis,

We have something new just for you.

We’re happy to announce that today there is a brand new “Pain Relief” hypnosis recording that has been added to our Grace App!

This guided hypnosis session, created by our founder and Certified Hypnotherapist Grace Smith, is designed to help listeners find relief for pain and discomfort in the body.

Our 3-Step Hypnotic Process of Pain Relief

You will be guided to decrease any and all pain and discomfort.

1) The first step will be for you to have a conversation with the pain or discomfort to let it know:

I'm here, you have my undivided attention. What have you been trying to tell me? Or what do you need me to know?

The pain or the discomfort might ask you for something at this point, it might say I need you to sleep nine hours every night. 

If you have a newborn baby at home, that might not be possible. So depending on what the pain or discomfort shares with you and asks of you, basically in exchange for it going away, it might not be something you can give or it might be something you can immediately do. 

If it's something you can't do right away, there will be some space for negotiation, so that you and this part of you can get on to the same page.

2) Once you're on the same page, you're going to enter a control room, where you're going to be able to systematically turn down the pain until you reach a level of comfort. 

3) The final step is to take a shower in this beautiful blue green healing minty light that's going to help provide relief from any inflammation in the system.

How to Listen to This Recording

Typically, we recommend listening to one of our hypnotherapy recordings every day for 30 days to build up the habitual behavior, and then as needed afterwards. For this recording in particular, we'd like for you to listen to it as many times back to back as is necessary until you get to a place where you are completely comfortable.

If this is a pain that has been in the body for years, you might need to listen to this recording 10 times in a row in one day, or over the course of two days in order to get to the place where you're deeply comfortable. 

You might need to listen to it three or four times a day for a couple of weeks to maintain that comfort for the long term.

If it's a brand new ache or pain, you might just need to listen to it once a day for three days.

The most important thing is that you really get those consecutive repeated listens in until you're totally comfortable. And then just as needed after that.

While this is a premium recording, we offer a free version on YouTube as a gift to our community.

If you prefer to listen to the digitally remastered 25 min version, you can access it on our Grace Hypnosis and Meditation App! Our app has many helpful features such as offline listening, marking favorites, and also keeps track of your streak of how many days in a row you've listened to the app.

You can also find hundreds of recordings there on topics ranging from parenting, public speaking, weight loss, sleep and so much more.

Listen to the digitally optimized 23 min full recording of Pain Relief through the Grace Hypnosis and Meditation App. Try it free for 7 days and get access to 100s of additional hypnosis recordings by clicking the button below

*Disclaimer: This post offers information, not medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional about any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. In case of injury, seek immediate medical attention or call emergency services (911)—don't rely solely on this content.