Can we agree that we all want to look good, feel good, and live a long healthy life? Yes! We know that it is up to us to make this happen, but unfortunately this can sometimes be confusing, unpleasant and even frustrating. Even the best of us need support.

Here at Grace Space Hypnosis, we value health and now offer nutrition support! We do this by sharing plant concentrates by Juice Plus, the world’s most researched nutritional product.

Juice Plus is 30 different vegetables, fruits and berries that have been dehydrated and encapsulated for daily consumption. Health conscious people take Juice Plus to simply bridge the gap between what they eat and what they should eat every day (10 servings of raw produce daily).

Top 3 Reasons to Love Plant Concentrates by Juice Plus
  1. It supports: The immune system, DNA, Hormone pathways, healthy skin, cardiovascular health, oral health and reduces inflammation
  2. Kids 4+ get it free through the Children’s Health Program!
  3. It’s the world’s most researched nutritional product
Power of the mind-body connection

What we eat can work with or against our goals in life. How? If we are nutrient deficient, then we are not functioning at our highest potential. The lack of nutrition and a low phytonutrient level can leave us nutritionally depleted and unprotected from chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. This puts people at risk for any ill condition related to the body and mind.

These conditions could range from pesky digestive issues, lowered immune system, inflammation, achy joints, chronic migraines, inability to focus, chronic fatigue, inability to release unhealthy weight or drop a sugar craving, to hormonal imbalances. There is a clear connection between nutrition, the body, and the mind; these work synergistically together.

Why everyone needs nutritional support

Eating plants is critical to the health of our mind and body because plants are filled with thousands of phytonutrients – the only element on earth that can scrub out toxins, reduce inflammation and offer protection from aging and illness.

But let’s be realistic. Eating the recommended 7-13 servings of raw produce every day can be challenging even for the best eaters! Whether you are a busy parent, an entrepreneur working 'round the clock, an explorer, an artist pouring your time into your craft, or a professional working with clients or patients; most of us have other things on our mind besides chopping and cleaning 10 servings worth of fruits and vegetables.

What causes oxidative stress & inflammation?

Every time we inhale and exhale we burn oxygen that fuels us. The exchange of oxygen causes a natural reaction called oxidation or cellular rusting. Overtime oxidation is the root cause of aging.

We can also be exposed to factors that cause additional oxidative stress which accelerates the aging process and puts at risk for ailments, illness and disease. Physical and mental ailments can be tied back to oxidative stress and inflammation. So, when someone is dealing with an unfavorable physical or even mental issue, it can be helped by reducing the inflammation and oxidative stress in the body and mind.

Many people who suffer from chronic physical problems or mental health problems turn to hypnosis which research supports reducing inflammation. We can enhance hypnosis by offering protection, prevention and healing from inflammation with amazing, quality nutrition with these plant concentrates!

Hypno-Nutrition is a way to fast track results and balanced wellness. We are excited to couple our hypnosis resources and nutrition tools to others globally. We currently can provide nutrition via plant concentrates by Juice Plus to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is simple. You can start on a road to better health by coupling any hypnosis recording or 1-on-1 hypnosis along with taking plant concentrates daily which ensures better health the same way eating a rich variety of 30 raw, non-GMO, farm grown, fruits and vegetables every day would!

If you have questions regarding the plant concentrates or would like a health consultation you can contact our Health Food Agent today at