Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years. And its use by celebrities is nothing new. (Mozart and Albert Einstein were reportedly fans!)

Each year, the popularity of hypnotherapy continues to grow.

Prestigious research institutions like The Mayo Clinic offer hypnotherapy services. And many people – including A-List celebrities like Tiger Woods, Oprah and Adele – are using (or have used) hypnosis for self-improvement AND sharing their positive results with the world.

Hypnosis is a powerful quit-smoking aid, for example, and numerous celebrities are using hypnosis to quit smoking. It’s also an effective childbirth aid, helping to ease labor pain, improve focus during labor, and reduce reliance on childbirth drugs. (And this happens to be a favorite celebrity hypnosis application, from Gisele to Melissa Joan Hart!) 

The truth is, though, hypnosis is an effective therapy for many things: Weight loss, stage fright, fear of flying, insomnia. The list goes on and on.

Are you wondering which celebrities have embraced hypnotherapy? These are 30 famous people have found success and improved their lives using hypnosis. 

Celebrities Who’ve Used Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a difficult habit to break. Quitting requires resolve, willpower, and persistence. In fact, the majority of people quit smoking 7 times before they find success.

The reason its so difficult, though, is that our addiction is so ingrained in our subconscious thinking. Triggers, cravings, the pleasure – they’re all rooted in our subconscious. And that’s why so many traditional smoking cessation plans fail.

Hypnosis, though, works directly with the subconscious, helping practitioners remove those automatic cravings, urges and the positive thoughts about smoking. That’s why many people quit after a single session.

And celebrities have taken notice! Numerous celebrities – from Ellen DeGeneres, to Matt Damon – have quit smoking with hypnosis.

Celebrities who have quit smoking with hypnosis: 

  • Adele – It’s hard to imagine – considering how beautiful her voice is – but Adele was once a pack-a-day smoker. Just before the release of her single “Hello,” she tried hypnosis, and quit immediately.
  • Ewan McGregor – A heavy smoker for years, McGregor said hypnosis made stopping feel “effortless.” The actor quit smoking in 2009.
  • Chelsea Handler – The comedienne and late-night host took to Instagram to promote hypnosis for smoking. She said a single session helped her kick the habit.
  • Matt Damon – The Oscar-winning actor credits hypnosis with helping him quit after 16 years as a heavy smoker. On The Tonight Show, Damon said it was the best choice he ever made and that “it works.” 
  • Debra Messing – The Will & Grace star says hypnosis helped save her life. After just three hypnosis sessions, the actress never touched a cigarette again and remains smoke-free many years later.
  • Drew Barrymore – Barrymore was a 2 pack-a-day smoker for many years. Hypnosis offered a solution. She’s been smoke free since trying hypnosis.
  • Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen actually shared her smoking hypnosis session on her show. And she credits the therapy with helping her quit.

Hypnosis in Childbirth: Celebrity Practitioners

Many expecting mothers get anxious about labor. Thanks to Hollywood portrayals and word-of-mouth, many build it up in their minds to expect a painful, miserable experience.

Hypnosis during child birth has been shown to calm this anxiety and offer mothers more control over thoughts and sensations of pain in the delivery room. In fact, studies have shown that mothers who use self-hypnosis methods in the delivery room use fewer drugs and have more positive experiences.

Not surprisingly, hypnobirthing methods are gaining in popularity. And many celebrity mothers have jumped on board.

  • Gisele Bundchen – Birthing hypnosis empowers mothers to be more present, calmer and more in control of their thoughts in the delivery room. And that’s exactly why supermodel Gisele said she preferred hypnobirthing to an epidural.
  • Jessica Alba – The actress and entrepreneur said she utilized hypnobirthing techniques when having her daughters in 2008 and 2011. Alba described it as a sort-of guided meditation, which allowed her to stay relaxed and focus on her breathing.
  • Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly learned hypnobirthing techniques prior to delivering her first baby and has since used the techniques for her second and third as well. 
  • Miranda Kerr – Supermodel Miranda Kerr has been an outspoken proponent of hypnobirthing and has encouraged many friends to try it.
  • Melissa Joan Hart – As reported in the book, Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein (the women behind the movie, The Business of Being Born), Melissa Joan Hart enrolled in hypnobirthing classes.

Hypnosis for Stage Fright: Celebrity Proponents

Celebrities spend their lives in the limelight. That means stage fright can quite literally end a performer’s career. Hypnosis for public speaking and stage fright is one of the oldest uses for this therapy.

How is it caused? The anxiety and fear associated with stage fright originate in the subconscious. The thought of performing in front of a crowd of people awakens automatic, negative thinking patterns. And these patterns spin out of control, amplifying nervousness and fear.

Hypnosis allows us to gain control over these automatic thoughts. We can temper them, calm the mind, and retain control over our thoughts as we step on stage. And that’s why many dozens of celebrities use it for stage fright.

  • Mel B – The former Spice Girl is no stranger to being in the limelight. Yet, stage fright is something she’s had to battle her whole career. That’s why she turned to hypnosis, when launching her Vegas burlesque show in 2009.
  • Mandy Moore – The actress/musician experienced overwhelming anxiety for an album release party, and said she found relief with hypnosis.
  • Jenny Slate – Comedienne Jenny Slate experienced crippling stage fright after being fired from SNL. She struggled to perform on stage, something she’d never experienced before. Hypnosis allowed her to tame the anxiety and start performing again with confidence.

Celebrities Who Have Used Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis helps people struggling with weight loss in numerous ways. It can help calm cravings for sugary snacks and fatty foods. Hypnosis can help make exercise more enjoyable. And hypnosis can help with overeating.

Hypnosis for weight loss is one of the most popular therapies for celebrities.

  • Fergie – The Blackeyed Peas singer has credited hypnosis with helping her make sensible eating choices. In the past, Fergie has said she was “heavily into hypnosis,” but now, when she heads to the refrigerator, she has more control over her choices. 
  • Lily Allen – The singer reportedly lost two dress sizes after turning to hypnosis for weight loss.
  • Geri Halliwell – Halliwell – the former Spice Girl – reportedly tried hypnosis for weight loss, according to a number of sources.
  • Sarah Ferguson – The Duchess of York has reportedly used hypnosis for weight loss, as well as for numerous habits including nail-biting. 
  • Orlando Bloom – As a kid, Bloom had a serious sweet tooth! His mom reached out to a hypnotherapist to help him overcome his chocolate addiction.
  • Oliva Munn – Munn has used hypnosis for OCD and other conditions in the past. Yet, when her hypnotherapist found out she rarely exercised, he helped her change that. Through hypnosis, Munn was able to develop a passion for exercise, something she now does every day.

Other Ways Celebrities Use Hypnosis

Hypnosis works for a variety of conditions: Stubborn habits like cellphone addiction, irrational fears, relationships or anxiety. You name it, and hypnosis can help.

Hypnotherapy allows us to work directly with the subconscious, which is where we store self-beliefs, attachments, and fears. 

With hypnosis, we can provide the subconscious with newer, more helpful ways of thinking and unseat negative thinking patterns that drive bad habits. That's why celebrities and others use hypnosis to overcome many fears, conditions, and bad habits – from a fear of spiders to seasickness.

  • Fear of Flying – Florence Henderson, of The Brady Bunch, tried hypnosis to overcome her fear of flying. In fact, it was so effective that she became a certified hypnotherapist herself.
  • Drinking – Aaron Eckhart, who’s been in numerous TV shows and films over the years, credits hypnosis with helping him kick his drinking habit. “I couldn’t be happier with that decision,” he says. “I recommend it to anybody.”
  • Pole Vaulting Fears – Yes, hypnosis can help with a fear of pole vaulting. Who would have thought? Olympic gold medalist Steve Hooker used hypnosis to become a better vaulter.
  • Regression Therapy – Jazz Jennings, the LGBTQ rights activist underwent past life regression therapy, which was broadcast on the TLC network.
  • Insomnia – A-lister Kevin Bacon uses hypnosis to deal with insomnia and get deeper, more restful sleep. (Learn more about hypnosis for insomnia.)
  • Arachnophobia – Eva Mendes said hypnotherapy helped her overcome her fear of spiders.
  • Improving Performance – Hypnosis helps improve confidence on the field or during a performance. Tiger Woods, for instance, used hypnosis to improve his golf game.
  • Better Focus – Tennis great Andre Agassi said hypnosis helped improve his on-court focus.
  • Seasickness – While working on Waterworld, Costner reportedly found relief from seasickness through hypnosis. 

Start Your Own Hypnosis Journey

You don’t have to be a celebrity to try hypnosis. It’s not some expensive therapy that only a celebrity could afford. In fact, it’s much more accessible than many people realize.

In fact, using self-hypnosis you can start using it for weight loss, to quit smoking, or to prepare for childbirth in your own home. Try these resources from Grace