Dear Nurses, Doctors and all other Essential Medical and Health Workers,

You are fighting this pandemic on the front lines every day and putting yourselves at risk in order to save us.

The stress you are under is unprecedented.

We as hypnotherapists want to thank you and provide you with every ounce of support we possibly can.

The graduates and advanced students of Grace Space Hypnotherapy School are honored to now offer pro bono private hypnotherapy sessions to thank you for your service. All sessions take place over the phone.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to:

It is our honor and privilege to offer pro bono hypnotherapy sessions for as many essential medical and health workers as we can at this time.

We understand that many health workers can’t even get out of the hospital or think about anything else right now. In your few moments of rest/recovery, if you have them, please know there’s help available only a phone call away.

Please note we will also continue this program once the curve has been flattened to support you in recovering from the emotional trauma of this experience.

To participate in this program simply email with the subject line “Pro bono” or text this number (772) 932-5831 with the word “PROBONO” and we will schedule your phone hypnotherapy session ASAP.

We cannot wait to provide with you a brief respite from the crippling pressure of this pandemic.

With love,

Team Grace Space Hypnosis

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