I was pretty sure that I'd be interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy; I'd played around with YouTube hypnosis and had great results since I'm a pretty suggestible person, but I had always wanted a more trusting touchpoint with a hypnotherapist. It's a personal thing to allow someone into your heart and mind and allow them to help you, so I was looking for the right person before shelling out money for sessions – you're the one!

I wanted to get over a thought that I was bad at math before a pretty quantitative interview, and the hypnosis not only helped with that mental block, but also working on my interview poise. I've interviewed very well since then, and also found better grounding in and of myself!

I had tuned into Grace's Periscope hypnoscopes, and also had the honor of joining GraceSpace when it first opened under a new redesign. I think seeing how effective those hypnosis sessions were made me reach out to Grace Smith and ask for help on pre-interview-prep hypnosis; I knew I was walking into a job opportunity I wanted with previous baggage about my performance in interviews, particularly with regard to my math abilities. Sure enough, in just one session, Grace was able to reprogram my mind; I passed the interview with flying colors! Although I decided to not take that particular job in the end, I no longer feel as intimidated by interviews as I once did, afraid that I'd blabber on too much or say the wrong thing. Now, interviews excite me, and I know I'm incredible at math!