Before finding Grace Smith, I had had limited exposure to hypnosis. I knew that hypnosis could be used to deal with things like getting rid of phobias and bad habits, such as smoking. I also knew that it could be used to access past lives and even the time between incarnated lives.

I wanted to get over my fear of pressing the ‘Start broadcasting' button on Periscope.

What a wonderful surprise it was to have Grace Smith as the host of the Periscope Summit Live in San Francisco in January of 2016. I had already been following Grace on Periscope and had been enjoying her hypno-scopes that she does weekday afternoons. They always help to bring my stress level down and allow me to experience peace and calmness.

I was in a very funny place at Summit Live. Let me explain…I had done many live broadcasts on Periscope in the past, but with a great deal of anxiety. Then I got busy with a personal project and stopped broadcasting. After this break from it, I could not bear the thought of hitting that ‘Start broadcast' button. The fear and resistance I experienced were incredible.

I also had this ticket to Summit Live which I had bought when I was still scoping fairly regularly. The thought of even going to the summit caused me great anxiety. I really wanted to bail on the whole thing except that I had a voice in my head telling me to go—that it would ultimately be good for me to attend. So I did.

I was so fearful of broadcasting by now, that the thought of broadcasting some of the panels at the event where I didn't even have to be on camera, terrified me. Along came Grace Smith to the stage to charmingly welcome us all to the event and that was where my shift began. Grace did a group hypnosis with us where she used positive affirmations and visualizations so that we would feel empowered to hit that big, red ‘Start broadcast' button.

After that session, I sensed into staring at that red button and pressing it I could tell that my anxiety had already gone down a great deal. Later that day, I was actually able to broadcast a panel. It was my first ‘scope' in about 2 months. It was truly a healing experience for me. I then scoped several more panels.

The next day, I went up into my hotel room to prepare for another scope. This time I was going to be in front of the camera sharing my story of the fear I had experienced surrounding scoping again and how Grace Smith and hypnotherapy helped me to overcome it. As I stared at the ‘Start broadcast' button, I was amazed to notice that my anxiety level was even less than the previous day. Grace had mentioned that the effects of hypnosis expand with time and I certainly did experience that.

Now I have over 1000 followers on Periscope and enjoy scoping regularly. I even took up a leadership role as part of Global Meditation Scope, a Periscope event. I was in charge of new or infrequent broadcasters who wanted to be official hosts of the event. I became their Peri-Godmother encouraging them to scope regularly and giving them my guidance and support to be successful on the app. I am also in the process of building a Periscope channel with other broadcasters contributing to it.

Am I glad I followed the guidance I received to get my buns to Summit Live? You betcha! Otherwise, I would not have had that hypnosis session with Grace Smith and may not have gotten back into broadcasting. And not only that…I likely would not be attending Grace Space Hypnotherapy School! Grace's simple group hypnotherapy session helped me get out of a major slump I was in and now I feel like I am fully on my ‘path.'  Thanks Grace!