I was very curious about [hypnosis] and had heard lots of success stories from friends who had used it to quit smoking. A very dear friend of mine, Dan, was having regular hypnosis sessions to help him with anxiety and productivity and he has always been someone whose life I admire. He told me wonderful things about his experiences with hypnotherapy so I was eager to try it as well.

I was gifted my session by my mother who thought it might help me quit smoking. I however didn't feel ready to quit at the time, so I decided to use the session to help me with my anxiety and procrastination. I wanted to be doing more to help myself be a more disciplined and successful musician.

I only had one session in person with Grace and it remains (sadly) the only live hypnosis session I've yet had, but it was such an eye-opening experience that I truly consider it the beginning of a shift in my life; I am only now beginning to realize the magnitude of. Meeting Grace, being in the same room with her РI felt as if I was in the presence of an angel. There was something so magnificently warm and genuine about [Grace’s] energy that made me feel so safe and full of possibility. I knew that she, like my friend Dan who inspired me to try hypnotherapy, was someone who I wanted to be more like. Being in trance was such a delicious feeling it, I remember feeling pleasantly stoned the entire day afterwards. I initially experienced a delightful boost in my discipline with working on my music and writing. Unfortunately life got hectic and I never made it back in for follow-up sessions. However I stayed in touch with Grace Smith through her Grace Notes emails and my interest in hypnosis has only grown over time. When I received an email about potentially enrolling in her certification program, I felt it as a calling. The moment I decided to do it, it was as if a giant weight I hadn't realized I had been carrying was lifted off my shoulders and I saw so clearly this path to the future I wanted for myself and the means to help people and society as a whole in a way I've felt desperate to do. Since beginning my studies and practicing hypnosis on my own on a nearly daily basis, I have successfully quit smoking, played the best shows of my career as a singer, transformed my yoga practice (and my body!), and am in the healthiest relationship of my life. I cannot wait to see where this discipline takes me as I look back and see how much my life has already changed since hypnosis became a part of it.