I love [hypnosis], trained in it and seeing clients.

I was struggling at my job wondering if I should start my own business. Secondly, once I did, I was met with crazy levels of self-doubt and avoidance. That’s when we did an over the phone session.

First, Watching [Grace Smith] and Bex on Periscope gave me the courage I needed consciously and subconsciously to step out on my own. Secondly, we did a session to cut cords with my parents’ form their abuse, depression, emotional disconnect, and sexual abuse…family curses…all to release my fear & self-doubt & got my power back. [Hypnosis} helped me feel very powerful. I feel powerful again every time I think about it. I have since watched and learned from everything [Grace Smith] teach on Grace Space and I absorb it like a sponge. For some reason, I am one of those who needs a lot of work and the issue persists, like cheek biting and bruxism. But every session, I feel better and better and stronger and stronger. I can’t ever give up knowing your tools are there to help me get up and [Grace Smith]’s success is there to remind me I can get up and I can do it. You are my virtual mentor and one day I will afford to take your Hypnosis training and I look forward to that day.