My sessions with Grace have been so enlightening. She has taught me how to connect with myself and trust who I truly am. Grace is always available to provide guidance and support. She makes it easy to open up and be yourself. Her calming demeanor is so soothing and makes the hypnotic process so enjoyable!

I am still working on my program; however I began seeing major results within just a couple of sessions. I had a group presentation to give at my job and I was very anxious about presenting in front of hundreds of people. The day of the presentation I was excited, a little nervous, but most importantly, I felt great before I spoke. I was not at all nervous and performed better than I even imagined I could. My colleagues and boss were impressed with the presentation. I received such positive feedback, which made me feel like I was on cloud nine!! Some colleagues had even said I was a great public speaker!! My boss even personally wrote each one of my group members a letter thanking us for a job well done. It was an amazing feeling to be so calm during an experience, which in the past, would have been so anxiety provoking for me.

Overall, hypnotherapy has resulted in making me a much more relaxed, content, and at peaceful person. I truly feel hypnocoaching is absolutely amazing! I wish I started the process years ago! I am so looking forward to attending classes to become a hypnocoach myself. It is honestly the best way to get my day started and clear my mind of any stress or negative thinking.

At first I had thought the hypnocoaching was quite pricey; however, it has proven to be worth all that I have spent to receive the results I have been obtaining. I have ALREADY been referring many friends, colleagues, and family members to the Grace Smith Coaching sites and I am hopeful they will also attend and see the results for themselves!