I did not believe in [hypnosis].

I wanted many things to fix at that time but my health is the most important thing so I wanted to stop smoking for good and start living more healthy.

I tried the Four steps to mental freedom just as a curiosity to what this hypnosis really does “to me”. I think what happened is that this time I really wanted to be more healthy and stop this bad habit entirely. Just do it, for real this time. I didn’t smoke much, just sometimes, but that is more than zero  :). Maybe this is why i got the Mail from Grace Smith that day; the universe wanted have me to have the best chance…The hypnosis helped me instantly and the support of Grace Smith was very important in this. I remember that she mentioned me in the next video and that was even more motivating; I never wanted to disappoint her or  myself again. Health is the most important thing anyone can have! I still struggle with shutting my mind off when listening to a hypnosis recording, but now I believe that hypnosis works and helps a lot of people. Thank You!