All I saw was about hypnosis on TV through people entertainment, appeared a people who did she slept and then she do something like eating an onion thinking it was an apple, always brought to the entertainment and not a science and form of relaxation

I am very stressed with traffic, I live in São Paulo one of the cities with the worst traffic the world and am also very anxious. I am very critical at the intelligence and it makes me intolerant and aggressive with people.

I want to relax more and improve socializing with friends and family leaving certain things aside and be more patient.

I started follow [when I] have a little time. I don't speak English very well, but what helps me a lot is the music and the serene voice of Grace; it soothes and makes me imagine colors – this technique of relaxation helps me, when I know I'll get traffic, I put 3 minutes the sound of the #relaxabrasil or when something happens at home and I lock myself in the room and place a sound and I'm thinking of good things, when I open the door I feel someone else.