Always curious about [hypnosis]. Saw [Grace Smith] on Periscope and was actually able to be hypnotized for the first time in my life!

Being able to relax. Being able to think positively

Well, the success story is very short because I've been unable to afford the sessions. I am on disability… But I was amazed when I saw [Grace Smith] on Periscope! I followed [Grace Smith] directions and the next thing you know anxiety-relief and self-confidence came to me immediately after the session lasted for a couple of weeks! Like I said, since I am on disability I am sorry to say that I cannot afford [Grace Smith] sessions even though I think they could change my life forever. Please keep up the good work. Always looking forward to [Grace Smith] sessions on periscope. They changed my life but for only a little while. I'm absolutely positive that if I was able to go through these sessions regularly that I could change my life for the better possibly for the rest my life! You keep up the good work!