I have lived with anxiety and panic attacks associated with phobias and family issues for most of my life. I have found means of healing myself, but I looked to Grace Smith to provide even more tools to accomplish goals that I wasn’t able to on my own – more specifically, chronic nightmares and relationship issues with family members.

I’ve had several sessions with Grace Smith, and each one left me with a greater sense of calm and empowerment. The most remarkable result was the instant cessation of my chronic nightmares. I began to sleep better, helping me to function better during the day and improving my overall mood.

Not only would I recommend hypnosis to anyone struggling with similar issues to mine, I would recommend it to everyone. Hypnosis isn’t just for people with problems. It can also be a tool to improve work performance, strengthen personal relationships, and develop a deeper understanding of self. I use a lot of Grace Smith’s techniques in my personal meditation practice and with my own students.

Grace is an understanding, gentle, and compassionate hypnocoach who was sensitive to my personal needs and limits. I always felt in control during our sessions. She felt more like an assistant to my self-healing, which left me with an even strong belief that I have the power to change my circumstances for the better.”