Igor Volsky

Grace removes any stigma associated with hypnosis by making it relatable, accessible, and meaningful. She channels her energy and passion into helping change people’s lives and helping us become our very best selves.

Alexa Carlin

During a time where I was suffering from my autoimmune disease she helped me ease my pain through hypnotherapy and the best part, it doesn’t just work while you’re closing your eyes, it truly allows your mind to become free

Carrie Hammer

Grace and her work have helped me optimize my life and realize some of my greatest business and personal visions. Her work is groundbreaking and anyone who is looking to tap their greatest potential should look into hypnosis.

Julia Santiago

Practical, engaging, and inspiring Close Your Eyes, Get Free is a must-read for anyone seeking more freedom and inner peace. It’s the manual for life I wish I’d been given as a child. Grace Smith is able to marry science with spirit and delivers a book that is simply...

Jennifer Raciopi

Close Your Eyes, Get Free offers practical advice on how to meditate with purpose, rewire the subconscious mind, and so you can finally have an effective path to change. This book is a must read for anyone struggling to make a behavioral shift.