I had tried self hypnosis in the past based on books or articles I had read, but I struggled to do it on my own without guidance.

Depression and Anxiety [were the issues I wanted to address with hypnosis].

I was severely depressed, unemployed, and living in my parents’ basement.  My mental and physical health had deteriorated so much that I could hardly get out of bed.  On the days that I was able to muster up the strength to try and apply for jobs I was often overcome with anxiety attacks.  One day, I found a video on YouTube of Grace leading a guided hypnosis.  I couldn’t believe how free I felt after just a few minutes of hypnosis.  I quickly found the 21 day hypnosis sessions and started doing it each morning and evening.  I was able to listen to my subconscious! I slowly began [to believe] that it was possible to change my life.  I had no idea how, but didn’t concern myself with that. Instead, I stayed consistent each day focused on self-healing.  By the end of the sessions, I had completely transformed my thinking.  I no longer thought it might be possible to change my life, I had already changed it.  Each day, I completed small steps toward my future goals.  I scheduled my NCLEX, passed, applied for jobs, and was offered a position at the job I wanted most!  Within months of believing it was possible to change, I started my dream job, had a new car, and moved into an incredible house with breathtaking views.