I didn't know what to believe. I had a strong meditation practice so I knew the mind was powerful. I was open to the [hypnosis] experience.

Although I have worked with Grace Smith, the success story I want to share is of my 11 year old daughter Emma. She has anxiety and pulls her eyelashes. We wanted to fix it because it was causing her more anxiety and low confidence.

In 2015, my 11 year old daughter Emma's eyelash pulling was at its worst. She had no eyelashes left and she was getting small sores on her eyelids from picking at the tiny eyelashes that were trying to grow in. The eyelash pulling had become an even bigger problem than the esthetic one – she was now feeling worse and worse every time she pulled an eyelash. She continuously told us how she ‘couldn't stop' and that she was ‘dumb' and ‘not normal.' I asked Grace [Smith] if she could work with Emma on her self-esteem around pulling her eyelashes and maybe even that habit itself. When Grace Smith called me, she spoke to me and asked me a few questions including my goal for the session. My goal was simply to free Emma from the burden of how picking her eyelashes made her feel. I wasn't concerned with the habit itself but more with how badly it made her feel. Then Grace [Smith] spoke to Emma and asked her a few questions including what Emma would consider a successful treatment. Emma responded by saying that if she went from pulling 5-10 eyelashes per day to pulling that many per week she would consider that a success. Grace [Smith] and Emma had their hypnosis session and Emma was instructed to listen to the recording as often as possible. Within 24 hours Emma started noticing that she wasn't picking as many eyelashes! I also noticed that when she did pick one she didn't seem to feel so bad – and she just picked one! She usually would pick one, feel bad and pick more and more. But she would pick just one! She continued to listen to the recording and see impressive results! Now 6 months later she has some full eyelashes back and more are growing but most importantly her habit doesn't affect how she feels about herself! She is happy and carefree again and not focused on how many eyelashes she has or doesn't have! It is truly amazing! I can't possibly thank Grace enough for giving Emma her carefree childhood freedom back!