I was unbiased. I had no real opinion. As a yoga teacher I had been using meditation for a few years so I knew there was something to [hypnosis], I just hadn't experienced it for myself.

I have had a few sessions for different challenges. Including: weight loss, self-acceptance, and abundance. They all actually stem from the same root: not feeling good enough, and that is something I definitely want to change.

I had a short session with Grace Smith once for building self-esteem, self-acceptance and self- love. The session itself was very relaxing and calming but I didn't feel any overwhelming change right away. It wasn't until about a week later when I shocked my husband by walking around completely naked in our bedroom, in daylight! It didn't even occur to me that I was doing it until he pointed out that I NEVER do that. I am usually quite timid about showing my body. I am typically always covered up. As soon as he pointed it out, I knew that this was the direct result of my hypnosis session with Grace Smith! Of course we didn't work specifically on being comfortable naked, but the work on loving myself in all my imperfect perfection resulted in My increased confidence and feeling comfortable in my skin for the first time in as long as I could remember. I had no fear or anxiety about being naked. It was amazingly liberating! And while I do not walk around outside naked, I know that being comfortable and confident to do so at home has given me so much confidence and self-acceptance outside my home and in the world! I still listen to that session once in a while to keep building my confidence.