[I thought hypnosis] was mind control.

Emotional ups and downs, needing to feel more confident in myself, being happy again. I wanted to fix these because it did not feel like I was living my life. I felt like I was just on autopilot.

My name is Lea and I was searching for a way that was quicker at changing my emotions and making me feel better. I was using positive affirmations and working to keep my thoughts positive. I had heard of hypnosis before and had the same belief that most of the world has, that [hypnosis] is mind control. Really I was just uninformed about what hypnosis really is which as Grace Smith says which I agree, “Hypnosis is meditation with a goal”. I liken it to deep relaxation with the ability to change areas of your life that are not for your highest and best good. There is no magic or mind control going on. I kept an open mind and I listened to some of Grace Smith’s videos and periscopes and felt a difference immediately. I was not quite sure why this was but when Grace Smith posted on Facebook she was having a school for hypnotherapy, I knew I had to enroll. I have only been doing hypnosis for a short time but, I absolutely love the way I feel every day! When I have anxiety and worry about doing well in this class, the quiz taking, getting my assignments done on time and keeping up with everything else in my life, family, work, etc. I listen to a hypnosis recording and within minutes I am calmer and more relaxed. My brain is not going 100 MPH with everything I need to get done. I feel more able to prioritize my tasks to be the most effective. I have noticed that I am generally calmer and relaxed throughout the day with as I am doing hypnosis daily. I love [hypnosis] and wish I would have known about it sooner.