I wasn’t too familiar with [hypnosis] prior to hearing [Grace Smith] on Periscope and feeling so relaxed at my stressful job.

It was an outlet for me to decompress and not lose my shit.

Mine has been very recent. Danny J created her LifeAF program; which I desperately needed. I’ve had this belief that I was always going to be broke and that I was dumb. I never felt as smart as my friends, peers, that I had this limiting belief that I couldn’t be successful because of this. Low and behold, we start going through the course, and she did the Ho’oponopono and it changed me. I didn’t realize what I was holding onto. Then I thought, I have to do this on a couple of my girlfriends who were abused and lost their mom suddenly to help them recover and heal. I didn’t know I had it in me. I’ve created a few guideded meditations for anxiety, releasing your blocks to move forward in your career and conception. I’ve been using visuals and some suggestions, so in a sense I was doing a smart portion of hypnosis and guided meditation. This was a mere six weeks ago. I started looking at [Grace Smith’s] Hypnotherapy School weeks ago, and I put myself on the list. Knowing you’ve just had Patrick I didn’t expect one to open up. I got a bonus at work, so I scheduled Lasik for my eyes. Surgery was scheduled for the 6th, but it got rescheduled. That next week you opened up school. I knew it was a sign of what I needed to do! I have visions of going to different colleges and speaking with men and women who have been abused/raped for hypnosis. I can only imagine how many people are affected daily, and they are too afraid to see treatment.