I wanted to help become more focused on my professional goals and taking them from idea to successful products and services. I tried hypnosis before and it didn’t work. Going into my first session with Grace I was skeptical, expecting a simple meditation session and not much else. It was refreshing to hear that Grace was just as skeptical before she tried it as I was.

Grace is an everyday woman with an extraordinary talent. Her soothing voice and energy are just gorgeous. She explained the process in a way that made sense, even for skeptics like me. Drawing from her own experience and expertise, she allows me to relax, let go and allow my inner power to shine through. She also gave me easy-to-follow, highly effective techniques to help keep me focus and strong.

I believe that hypnosis is a powerful technique that can help you with both physical and emotional barriers. I feel a lot more confident and positive about my abilities and talents; mainly because I now understand that there is no difference between the “me” that I want to become and the “me” of today. I will continue to practice hypnosis for years to come!

Even the most skeptical of readers will find in this book important information that will serve them well in their quest to changing negative habits and behaviors. Grace’s book is a significant tool for two main reasons: first, it debunks a lot of the popular myths around hypnosis and second, it helps you learn how to practice self-hypnosis as an empowerment and healing tool. It will help you achieve freedom indeed.