I didn't really see [hypnosis] as effective.

I have been looking for additional tools to cope with my general stress and anxiety, and to help me deal with a toxic relationship in my life. I am also looking to improve my health and I have a weight loss goal.

After listening to Grace's endlessly fascinating interview on Katie Dalebout's podcast, I listened to the three-minute stress relief hypnosis later that day and was awed by how calm I felt. Before picking up my younger children that day, I parked my car and listened to the 10 minute relaxation recording. I felt amazingly calm, and handled my chaotic afternoon with four kids much more peacefully than usual. Later that evening, my husband tried to dredge up an old argument, and instead of taking the bait, I found myself shifting gears and responding with complete calm and ease. It wasn't until the next day, when I listened to the 10 minute relaxation recording again, that I realized there was a part about “angry words being cleaned away”. It had worked perfectly for me! On a similar note, before listening to the recording for a second time, I wrote in my journal, mentioning that the only word that I could use to describe my feeling was “clean”. Again, I didn't realize until later that the word “clean” was actually part of the hypnosis. I became a member later that day and embarked on the Weight Loss Intensive. I also continue to listen to the relaxation recordings every day. I am calmer, happier, and more centered than I can ever remember feeling before. I feel incredibly light, positive, and at peace. I feel so happy knowing I have these recordings to turn to every day, when I feel a dip in mood, or energy, or a food craving. I am only on Day 7 of the Weight Loss Intensive, but I have stuck to my nutrition and exercise program with very little effort – it just feels right, and I have been struggling with these issues for a few years. My experience with hypnosis has been brief, but amazing, and I will definitely be a lifelong member of the site.