I thought hypnosis was for entertainment purposes only.
After watching your Periscopes,  I know hypnosis can help me reprogram my subconscious and help me be a better and more positive person.

I was looking to change the way I feel in my subconscious.  I am a naturally negative person and it takes effort to stay positive.  I need to stop being so hard on myself and others. I have pretty much isolated myself from friends and family. I feel like a big disappointment.

I wish I could say I feel success… I do feel much more positive and have been told by employer my positivity is my best asset and I owe that to your Periscopes and Grace Space.  

I am still kind of a loner and feel isolated.  I don't have many friends and my family has pretty much given up on me.  I'm 37 years old and don't need them to survive but I would like their support.  I live alone.. I work alone.. no girlfriend.. no kids. Kind of depressing but I believe your book could help me keep being positive and maybe some more positive changes in my life are on the way.