[My thoughts on hypnosis were that it] was used to remember repressed traumatic memories.

Social Anxiety [was the issue I wanted hypnosis to fix]-It was challenging to be around groups of people.

About 4 years ago, I had one hypnosis session with a local practitioner in Costa Rica to get some insight into an area of past trauma. I really liked the experience but then I didn’t think much of it afterwards. Last year, a friend had Grace Smith as a guest speaker during her online summit. As I listened to Grace share her story, I was instantly hooked.

I signed up for her offer and begun the 21 day hypnosis bootcamp. I loved it. I followed the program daily for the 21 days and felt so much more calm and connected. I knew I wanted to continue this practice. I already had a daily meditation practice but Grace’s hypnosis felt much more focused. I began to see more and more changes. I had social anxiety and so I really was interested in the Ultimate Anxiety Relief program. As I was listening to these session daily I begun to think about how beneficial they would be in helping people I knew.

I have taught Pilates off and on for a number of years. With the changes I had experienced in my own personal growth I felt like I wanted something more holistic for my students. I also practice reiki, so I felt hypnosis was the modality that would round out my other healing techniques. The mind~body~spirit combination of hypnosis, pilates and reiki feels complete to me. When Grace offered the ability to study online to become a Certified Hypnotherapist only a few months after I began formulating this idea I knew I wanted to pursue the study of hypnosis. I am so grateful I did. It is transformational.