My thoughts on hypnosis were that it's a lot of weird things we needed to go through, but I knew that a friend of my had many results to heal her wrong eating habits. I thought that if it would help her with that it might help me too after I tried everything under the sun already.

I could not focus on what I wanted to do with my life. We moved to Canada from the Netherland in 2010 and after becoming adjusted here I wanted to start a home-based business for myself that wasn't MLM. Now 7 years later, I went through starting up two online businesses, and they both did not come off the ground. After that, I started an expensive course to become a life coach, but this course only made me feel worse about myself, and I was feeling like a complete failure. I never finished this course and started telling myself that I would always stay small and I better start getting used to that. It did not feel good to me because deep down I know I am made for bigger things in this life and now I was turning 40 I wanted to deal with this failure feeling for ones and for all.

I am still working on this success story as I started working with Sara and feel I can start up a business from home and work towards that for spring 2018 and join your school to become a Grace Smith certified  Hypnotherapist. It feels I finally found something I am able to work towards and know where I'm going. My goal is to have my success story ready before I finished the school.