[Before working with you, I thought hypnosis would] be an effective way of using the mind to reinvent the way our thoughts get programmed in as we go about life experiences.

I have had issues with self-love and seizures from head injuries. I have really wanted to gain a greater sense of self-worth and not have the terrible seizures that interfere with living or more happy life.

I have had several head injuries, those have caused me to have seizures, depression and anxiety. I've also had some rough experiences over the years, but I must say I've learned a lot. By means of having the tough life experiences, I have been gifted with some great wisdom, some priceless understandings of people, places, and things. I really gained a lot of help with my perception of things with Grace sharing or making an emphasis on how important it is to give as much as possible. What you give is what you get. So with doing more to help serve others, I've been granted access to some priceless feelings of peace, happiness, and Love. I struggled a bit with jealousy previously, but her offering the awesome advice about that is priceless! That to instead of feel envy or compare, just hope for that person to be blessed with even more good! Hope for them to gain even more awesome, happy, lovely good things. I have found that to be so very helpful to insert into my thinking and help with really relieving a great deal of stress or bad feeling. Thank you so much! I've been able to really learn a great deal, and I hope to share more with others things I've learned, be a light in the lives of others. I'm excited to have my book keep being a great help to many, amongst their learning journey in Life. Thank you 🙂