I used to think hypnosis was scary, that it was like giving up your subconscious mind to another person, as the Hollywood movies portray. I was always under the impression that I would be fully unconscious during the session, but it's nothing like that!

I had awful, almost debilitating social anxiety for around 2 years, and a milder form of it for years before that. I wasn't able to make new friends, I could barely ever go to a store for fear of interaction with sales people. It was very difficult for me to communicate with other adults at work. It had recently become hard to even talk to my family! I wanted to feel comfortable having a casual conversation with people and be able to chase my dreams without anxiety!

Before I started using Grace Space hypnosis, I felt trapped by social anxiety. I hadn't made friends for a few years, and being pretty fresh out of high school, I didn't really have any of my old friends around. It got worse as time went on; I couldn't go to stores or make doctor's appointments because I was so anxiety-ridden about the interaction. It got to the point where speaking with my family was difficult and I was avoiding them as much as I could. I knew I had to do SOMETHING when I was avoiding my dad and it was impacting our relationship. I signed up for Grace Smith's anxiety challenge, and before it began Grace offered an anxiety bundle of 3 anxiety recordings for $20. I bought it and began listening to all of them, but I really focused on the social anxiety recording. After listening to it nightly for about a week, I began noticing that I could talk to people. It was the most AMAZING feeling. I had no idea how much I was missing out! My life has improved tenfold. I got the job I wanted and desperately needed, and was even able to ask for more money for more work during the interview! I am now following my dreams and making friends every single day. I'm so happy with the results that I joined Grace Space and began  Grace Smith’s hynotherapy school! I want to spread this gift and give every person I meet the ability to live their best lives! Thank you Grace Smith!