My thoughts were that [hypnosis] is just something that people do for fun and that it was to just entertain themselves.

I wanted to fix my negative ways of thinking and doing things and the reason for was because I felt trapped in my own head and wanted to heal into a positive direction.

Before coming across Grace Smith, hypnosis to me was nothing of interest and seemed like it was stupid. Being now a 17 year old, I am discovering myself as well as discovering new things. After meeting Grace Smith on Periscope and struggling with the first few hypnosis scopes to sit still and really focus I've really come a long way as in being able to sit still, be in the present, breathe and really focus on what the subject was. Because of Grace Smith taking her own time out of her day and jumping on Periscope to do hypnosis with us, I am very grateful for that as it has helped me become more aware of my thoughts, feeling more powerful and confident and being able to sit in the present. Knowing “I am safe, I am calm, I chose to be here” really helps me feel in the moment and be more calm and relaxed. Grace Smith has played a big part in my life and I would love to someday be able to do a hypnosis session live with her.