I didn’t have too many thoughts [on hypnosis]. I went through 100 and 200 levels of psychology for nursing school. They didn’t touch too much on hypnotherapy. We didn’t know how life-transforming it could be for our patients. I discovered hypnotherapy for hypnobirthing. I thought hypnosis was some circus way to control people “magically”

Anxiety, fear, self esteem, being content/living in the now, physical pain, abundance blocks, self-sabatoging behaviors. I wanted to fix [these issues with hypnosis] because I, just like everybody else, deserves an abundant life free of paralyzing ego problems. Ever since having my son I am more driven than ever to grow.

I wanted to help with my anxiety so I listened to hypnobirthing while in was pregnant. That’s where it began.  I began participating in Grace’s group challenges. Then I realized it can help with EVERYTHING since the subconscious controls everything. I have helped cope with anxiety, depression, pain, chronic Lyme disease and co infections, and manage to bring in more abundance into my life. I am enrolled in Grace’s hypnotherapy program. I have been able to manifest many things into my life with the help of Grace and hypnosis to reprogram my mind.