Addiction, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Fear [were issues I wanted to fix with hypnosis]. I survived a very violent home invasion sexual assault by a masked man years ago. The events of that day changed my brain. I suddenly lived in constant fear and trusted no one. I developed a substance abuse problem as I tried to escape my fear and an eating disorder. My perspective on the world had completely shifted and I felt so stuck.
Six years ago, I finally made the decision to get clean and sober. Through recovery I began seeking out more ways to heal. Discovering Grace Smith's hypnotherapy was absolutely incredible for my healing journey! I started focusing on the PTSD since I still suffered an occasional flashback or flare up of fear. I began listening to a Grace Space hypno recording every single day. They were between 3-40 minutes. It became a very sacred part of my practice and I could feel the shifts in the way my brain was working. Her recordings were like next-level meditations. The benefits lasted beyond the recording itself and the changes in my neural pathways has had a lasting effect. I'm calmer, more centered, I have over 6 years of recovery with no cravings, and I haven't experienced a PTSD effect in months!
Today I have my dream jobs as a professional Singer and a Motivational Speaker! ( I'm a present and healthy wife and a Mom to 2 bright kids! Thanks in part to Grace Smith's work I am now able to help others heal in the ways that I have. I am eternally grateful!