I am an actor and came to Grace initially to work on anxiety in auditions and performance. After a month of working with her I booked a leading role in my first National Tour! I have continued to coach with her in phone sessions as I travel around the country performing.

After just a few sessions, she helped me realize a dream that I had been struggling to achieve for years. Grace is exceptional at what she does. She is warm, intelligent and creative and uses these skills to craft individualized sessions that are extremely effective. In the coaching portion of our session, she directs me to talk about one specific issue that I’d like to work on and then expertly recalls the specific images and language that I used during the hypnosis portion of the session.

When coaching with Grace, it always feels like I am being gently guided to heal myself. The experience has been invaluable to my career and my life. I have already referred several close friends to her and recommend her highly.