Meet Kailah Cone

  • Weight Release
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Insomnia
  • Habits
Kailah lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and graduated from Grace Space Hypnotherapy School in 2018. She was first introduced to the power of hypnotherapy when searching for a solution to debilitating test anxiety. Her corporate position at the time required that she acquire a high-level professional designation in her field. Although she knew the material inside and out (as she had lived it for more than 20 years), just the thought of sitting down to take the test brought on dizziness, waves of nausea, and then some! A friend suggested hypnosis and although she was skeptical, she figured she didn’t have anything to lose (which, funnily enough is what many of her clients say to her today)! After just one session with a hypnotherapist she was able to not only easily and effortlessly take the test, but she received one of the highest scores in its history! She’s since watched the power of hypnosis change her life and the lives of so many others, from children to adults, in such indescribably beautiful ways that she knew she had to make it a permanent part of her life.

Kailah believes deeply and passionately in hypnosis and its power to provide extraordinary outcomes. She’s committed to supporting and guiding you so that you can not only be free of what may have been holding you back, but free to live a life beyond your original expectations.

i love being a hypnotherapist because with hypnosis, you can overcome those things that used to hold you back and you don’t have to “white knuckle it”. The process is so gentle that one day you realize that you used to hurt and now you don’t. There’s no better feeling than watching needless suffering come to a gentle end.



Sara M
Kailah was so wonderful at explaining how hypnosis works and made me feel calm from the beginning. During my session I was more relaxed than I have ever been. Her voice is very soothing to listen to. I was able to water the lawn while my husband was smoking – I lit one up but didn’t even smoke it! So where I thought I was failing, I was subconsciously working away! I am excited to use the tools she has given me to continue on my journey to be a non-smoker. I will be using this in a lot more aspects of my life! Thank you Kailah!
Shanna P
I am very pleased and impressed with your preparedness, ability to put me at ease, the calming tone of your voice, diligence in helping me find the RIGHT affirmation and the way you explained how the process worked. I have noticed results right away. The idea and taste of sweet food is really repelling to me….so much so that I turned down a free dessert that was sitting in front of me after two small bites. I couldn’t believe it! I turned down Oreo crusted ice cream mud pie! The willpower I have generated is astonishing! My affirmations are working and it’s far easier to make the choices I need and want to be making. Thank you!