Nitika Chopra

Grace Smith is the real deal. I am so grateful that she wrote Close Your Eyes, Get Free because her work is needed and now even more people can transform their lives because of it!

Talia Pollock

If you’ve thought that hypnosis was just a funny way to entertain a company party or some weird woowoo thing, Close Your Eyes, Get Free is about to dramatically change your mind. It’s also about to help you start to use your mind to become the best possible version of...

Igor Volsky

Grace removes any stigma associated with hypnosis by making it relatable, accessible, and meaningful. She channels her energy and passion into helping change people’s lives and helping us become our very best selves.

Alexa Carlin

During a time where I was suffering from my autoimmune disease she helped me ease my pain through hypnotherapy and the best part, it doesn’t just work while you’re closing your eyes, it truly allows your mind to become free

Carrie Hammer

Grace and her work have helped me optimize my life and realize some of my greatest business and personal visions. Her work is groundbreaking and anyone who is looking to tap their greatest potential should look into hypnosis.