How can this really work? [That’s what I thought about hypnosis before working with you.]

At first it was weight loss, then I signed up for a Grace Space account so I could access the library of hypnosis. I was gaining and gaining weight and thought this may be due to my eating or addiction to sugar. I wanted to get healthy again.

I have done several types of hypnosis, YouTube has tons of Grace recordings. I have been able to get to sleep. I have given up sugar. I have created a calm space for myself so there is no more anxiety. When I get an email it is like Grace is speaking to me that day; it’s like she knows exactly what I am going through. Her calming voice sits in my head when I encounter any chaotic episodes in life. I had dealt with a bad manager and while dealing with this her videos, voice and calmness helped me not allow him to take over my life. I am in a challenge now for money, I have been able to dig deep into why I think what I think about money and to let those bad feelings go and live free from the chains that were placed when I was younger.