I didn't have any strong feelings about [hypnosis]. The only prior association I had with it was past life regression. I suppose my assumption was that this was the primary purpose of hypnosis. I also was somewhat aware of stage hypnosis, but it was mostly an afterthought.

Feeling anxious about my finances [was an issue I wanted to fix with hypnosis]. It was difficult for me to stay organized regarding my finances and sometimes I would dread looking at my accounts so intensely that I would avoid it and then sometimes bills wouldn't be paid on time or I'd over spend. It just seemed like no matter what I would try or no matter how many alarms I would set on my phone or in my calendar, I could not ever seem to feel calm and confident about dealing with or tracking my finances.

I began listening to the Ultimate Anxiety Relief program in Grace Space as well as the Financial Abundance Binary recording in the Grace Space app.

I knew I wanted to release anxiety, and I also knew that most of my anxiety was related to my finances.

Things began shifting very shortly after a few days of listening to those recordings. In fact, the next day after I began listening, I felt inspired to login to all my accounts, set up automatic payments, put together a spreadsheet of all my expenses, canceled ongoing memberships that I wasn't using, and getting things in order. After a few more days of listening to the recordings, I started getting ideas for a new direction in my career. One of the big ideas was to start a local sacred women's circle, something I'd normally feel terrified to do. While I am still in the stages of putting these ideas together. I've already begun reaching out to acquaintances and have been enjoying the process so much. Not only are these recordings helping me heal my financial anxiety, they're helping me feel safe and trusting of myself in my ideas for new streams of income as well as moving forward in my desired career.