I was a hypnotherapist when I met Grace Smith but her fresh approach fascinated me. She makes hypnosis fun, delicious and professional.

I wanted to fix my lack of self-confidence.

I was a hypnotherapist trying to get out there and help some people but couldn't trust and believe in myself. My desire to work in this field was enormous but my lack of confidence was even bigger. I was looking for somebody whom I could trust and whose working style resonated with me when I found Grace Smith on Periscope. Her first hypnosis on periscope I watched fascinated me and kept me wanting more and following her on the steps she was taking. I loved the way she was helping people all around the world. It was something I also wanted to do and the way she and her husband where bringing always new ways of spreading this wonderful healing method around the world especially when there is so much misinformation about it, made me even admire them more. After following her for a while and benefiting from her free hypnosis recordings I decided to enroll in her 3 month hypnosis coaching program in order to work deeper on my problem. Since the first session I noticed the difference. The improvement has been increasing during this time and still is. After each session I feel more free and secure. Her sessions are magical and incredibly effective. Her way of using hypnosis takes the best of the modalities out there that is why when I heard she was going to teach hypnosis, I run to be part of it. It has been only a few weeks since the school started but every minute of the training has been worth it. I am grateful I found her! Thank you!