I only knew hypnosis from movies , I imagined that you are going to make me fall asleep and control me or something. My family still has this idea; they get shocked when I tell them “I tried hypnosis” they were like ” did you fall asleep? These things are not popular here in middle east.

We have lots of exams here in UAE , and the time I heard Grace scope was just the day before my math final exam, I had troubles with anxiety and focus 🙂

Every time I tried hypnosis, I felt so relaxed and calm during my studying sessions when I actually was freaking out and sometimes, I couldn't solve some questions in my book , I had lots of things left to study and no time, tt was midnight clock was ticking, I just couldn't move forward which made the situation worse! But suddenly I saw the notification that Grace is scoping. I said to myself lets try! I looked to this scope as my last chance to feel better before my exams, I felt so lucky because Grace played a recording “which is available now in Grace in your pocket App ” It was a delightful trip to increase focus, productivity .. I could already feel my confidence, focus, [sense of] calmness increase before even reaching the middle of the recording! I was in a wonderful state when I got back to my books, just after the hypnoscope I could do all the problems that I couldn't do very very easily! Without even thinking, my mind was very clear, I felt secure and in peace. The next day in the classroom I was confident when solving questions and I remembered the recording in the exam and felt so focused. The exam went smoothly and guess what ? I got 100. 🙂 Alhamdulilah