I thought [hypnosis] was like what you see on TV…a little weird and that you don’t have control of yourself. My thoughts were that you get under a “spell” of some sort!

I knew that my inner voice always told me I can’t get what I really want or that I am undeserving of the things I really want in life which are attached to money and abundance. I also had an inner voice saying “more money more problems.” As a new business owner in the holistic wellness and nutrition industry, I knew that I needed to fix this mentality in order to inspire healthy living in my community more efficiently.

I have been enlightened in that I will get what I am looking for, but I must set the intention of WHAT it is I am looking for each day in order to see it and achieve it. After setting my days up with intention to win, acknowledging / respecting myself as a true resource for others, and changing my mantra to “you have so much to offer everyone around you,” I became much more confident and my business started to grow during the group challenge on abundance.

Grace's sessions are made for everyone with any background or beliefs, and everything rang true to my unique beliefs. I never expected to be as drawn into each group session but I was! Grace Smith leads her sessions with a calm and peaceful confident that truly empowers her participants.