I had always struggled with my weight, and had been successful at losing 50+ lbs but was “parked” at about 20lbs over my goal. I KNEW it was mental, my relationship with food was NOT good and MORE than losing the 20lbs I wanted to resolve my relationship with food.
Also, I was living in NYC (it had always been a dream to live there) at the time and feeling depressed and lost. I didn't have a partner (I was in my early 30s), was dating all the wrong people, didn't have a job that I loved, and was seeking to be happy and satisfied with my life.
I had always wanted to try [hypnosis] but never followed through because I hadn't found someone I felt I would click with. I always believed in our minds being SO powerful (and still do) and thought that with the right person, or guide, hypnosis could be so POWERFUL (boy was I right)! I followed Erin Stutland on FB (this was in 5+ years ago) and she made mention of [Grace Smith]…I immediately went to the page and everything that I read totally resonated with me- so I immediately called!
I first met Grace Smith in Feb of 2014, and she CHANGED my LIFE. FOREVER. I really am so extremely BEYOND grateful to have met her, she, and our sessions and recordings, have gotten me through the TOUGHEST times over the last 4+ years.
My two biggest “issues” were weight/relationship with food and finding a purpose, path, partner.
I'll start with weight, and I won't lie- it's a challenge, because I met Grace with 30+ years of “cultivating” my unhealthy relationship with food. WE REALLY FOCUSED ON [MY UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD], VERSUS LOSING THE WEIGHT, BECAUSE I KNEW THAT THE WEIGHT WOULD DROP OFF ONCE THAT RELATIONSHIP WAS BETTER. I dropped 10+ lbs of the 15 I wanted to lose. I have maintained that weight loss since. My relationship with food is still strained at times, like any relationship ;), but I am constantly working on it, I listen to my recordings with Grace, and sometimes even jump on a session with her live (when I'm lucky) for a refresher…it's work, just like being in a human to human relationship!

As for my path, purpose, partner…whoa what a success story I have here! Since I started working with Grace I have moved back to Colorado and met and MARRIED the man of my dreams!! while I am now in a job that I KNOW is not my path, or my passion, working with Grace has SHOWN me how to KNOW that, and that, is priceless. I am able to clearly know that it's time for a change, and why, and this is something I was never bale to do before. I work in an environment where I feel obligated to do a lot of the things that I do, for many reasons, and my sessions with Grace have been so helpful in listening to ME and figuring out what is right for ME.

I am most recently participating in her “21 day abundance” challenge. having had one-on-one sessions with Grace for many years, and with my success stories, I of course, know how powerful she and hypnosis are…but participating in this group challenge has been incredible! The challenge is focused on abundance and each hypnosis is better than the last, really! I have already brought in over $500 of ‘extra' cash into my life, and now my relationship with money is completely changing, for the positive (I already had a positive relationship with it, but Grace and this challenge has managed to make it even more positive!)

I have had dozens of sessions (lucky me!), from my weight loss focused ones all the way to full on panic attacks that her recordings have gotten me through…Grace has not only changed my life, but in many ways, SAVED it. I cannot wait to see (and experience) what is next for Grace and hypnosis going mainstream!
I had tried it with a therapist at a young age (around 14) but never really believed or was open to it. I had my doubts that I’d be able to open myself up to it all these years later, thinking I may always be “thinking”…when I found [Grace Smith], though, I decided to make a commitment and have an open mind. It took a few sessions and some work to do that but wow, did I change fast! I had a laundry list of things to work on and I must say- the changes in my life are crazy in a short two years ( I think it’s been two years)…. Where to begin.. 1. weight – I had always been overweight and had recently lost and maintained about a 50lb loss (about 4 years before starting to work with grace) I was 20 lbs away from my goal though and it seemed nothing I did got me there… 2. relationship- I wanted to find a meaningful and real relationship. I had never had any long term relationships before, they were always with this men that were never present, treated me badly or lied to me…there was always something that felt wrong 3. I wanted to find meaning in my life/career I will have to send minor details now but would be HAPPY to fill in with more if wanted!! 1. weight- I have never been this low, and am BEYOND thrilled with my results. I’m learning every day to LOVE my body…it’s work, and still is and probably will be…but I’m in a size 28 jean, 6 dress and feel great! 2. I’M ENGAGED to the LOVE OF MY LIFE! I feel I never would have been able to be in the type of relationship I’m in without the work I have done with Grace. We are open, honest and communicate constantly. It is all I have ever wanted out of a relationship…and more! 3. I just started as CEO of my family’s business…I have been working in different capacities at the company for almost 14 years now and last year moved back to Colorado from NYC for a temporary 2 months, I ended up extending, extending, extending…not only did I fall in love (and get engaged, last week!) but I ended up falling back in love with the project and realizing it is what I’m MEANT TO do! I started as CEO last week. Starting soon I will start CEO work with Grace!