I had used hypnosis before as an aid to relaxation, so I did have an understanding of it, though never specific to my performance in sport.

The challenge for me was competition nerves; my sport of freediving depends upon being in the most relaxed state as possible to get the maximum breath hold during dives. I wanted hypnosis to get me into the zone, focused and very relaxed before my dives.

After my session with Grace Smith, she made a recording specific for a pre-dive relaxation, I used this before my dives. Also I had a recording of the session where we addressed key issues and techniques, mostly on my perception of challenges particularly towards the end of the dives where it is physically and mentally quite tough. My difference in my training was evident and my performances reflected that. I competed at the freediving world championships and was very pleased with my dives. I found my session with Grace Smith so helpful, she is a great coach and will use the techniques and recordings for my competitions in the future.