Before deciding to go to Grace for hypnosis, I was a smoker for over 13 years. I had tried everything to quit smoking, including the patch, gum, and will power- nothing worked. Although I tend to be a bit of a skeptic, I decided to be open-minded and give this hypnosis thing a try.

What I liked most about this was Grace’s approach to my smoking problem. She got to the root of it all before working on the curing of my habit. By going deep to discover why I smoked and why I now had the desire to quit smoking, I was better able to eradicate the problem once and for all. I realized the reason I had difficulty quitting before was because I still had cravings, which I was gave in to.

Even before my session with Grace was over, I knew I was no longer a smoker. I no longer had the mind of a smoker, nor the thoughts of a smoker. Now, instead of craving cigarettes, I crave water- I can live with that.

I am very grateful to Grace Smith for helping me accomplish this goal and would recommend her to everyone I know.