I had no idea that [hypnosis] was real and actually worked.

I had been asked to give a presentation on behalf of an association – I hadn't worked with them before and I didn't know the people I was presenting to.

There “happened” to be a periscope on public speaking the day after I was asked to make the presentation ( about 2 weeks before the presentation). I then joined Grace Space and went through all the online courses. (The public speaking course didn't have the last module which was frustrating) I had never chosen to do any public speaking and knew I wasn't able to do it – until the episode on Perisicope. When the day came, I backed up my learning with another session in Grace Space and I was able to give the presentation and enjoy it and felt like I belong and I am able to ask for more opportunities – subsequently I was asked to talk again for that association and now my work life has (coincidentally) changed, and public speaking is to be a part of my new reality, and I welcome it.