Grace Smith coincidentally came into my life precisely when I needed her, and thank God she did! I hired her for trouble with anxiety and memory, both of which she was able to help me with. Grace was very calming and understanding and gave me an environment in which I felt comfortable to do the hypnotherapy exercises in.

I went into hypnosis like I do everything else- open minded with a hint of skepticism. But I’m happy to say that Grace really did help me and she even taught me self-hypnosis so when I’m not in our sessions I have a mental tool I can use if I feel uncomfortable or stressed. The tools she taught me can be used at anytime in any place to relieve stress and bring relaxation.

I was able to regain some important memories and I feel much calmer at a constant level without even doing the self-hypnosis. The little things I used to find stressful don’t bother me so much and I can even find some enjoyment in them.

The deep relaxation I felt during and after our sessions helped me get better sleep and allowed me to be generally calmer in every day life. Grace was understanding, intelligent, and her presence was very soothing.

I was able to relate to Grace on so many levels that It made my experience of hypnosis a lot more beneficial as I felt confident in her abilities and relaxed in her presence. Just her gentle voice is enough to put you to sleep!

When it comes to suffering with anxiety I don’t think you can put a price on finding some relief from it. I would pay it all over again.

I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who is suffering from anxiety. At the very least it will provide you with deep relaxation periods during and directly after your sessions. It will also give you a ” go to ” technique to use if you panic when your on your own.

I would suggest Grace to anyone of my friends or family- in fact I already have!