Hypnotherapy could be a powerful tool to deal with individual issues for example fears but was really more for middle class people and not the ordinary person in the street.

Confidence and shyness [were the issues I wanted to fix with hypnosis].

I was first introduced to hypnotherapy when I was in my 20's by my Dad who recommended trying it out. I had been painfully shy as a child and always felt lacking in confidence and wanted to overcome this now I was an adult. I had one session and although I really enjoyed feeling very relaxed I didn't go back. The hypnotherapist gave me cassette tape which I still have, to listen to for relaxation which I used for a while to help me sleep but then put away in a drawer where it stayed. Many years passed and about a year ago I discovered Periscope and signed up thinking what a great app this would have been to show my travels around the world to my family so would begin using it now. I was having a particularly stressful time with work and life and was feeling constantly tired and overwhelmed with working long hours and never getting on top of things. I had started to lack confidence, doubt myself and be very self critical.  I began watching meditation scopes and came across one of Grace's hypno scopes and immediately felt better. I loved the sound of Grace's voice and was amazed at how quickly I could feel so much happier and more confident. I continued following and then signed up for the 21 Day Mental Bootcamp on Grace Space. I was absolutely amazed at what a difference the bootcamp made to me from day 1. Around that time through my work in children's social care I was becoming aware of several teenagers who were experience mental health issues and became aware of the prevalence of anxiety in children and teenagers and the impact this had on their lives and their families. I wondered why something as quick and effective as hypnotherapy that could be so beneficial was not offered or used. Approximately 4 months later I was attending a weekend workshop about managing finances and we were asked to discuss in a small group what we would do if money was no object. Out of the blue I suddenly found myself saying that I would like to study hypnotherapy and offer it to children and young people to help with issues they may have. I didn't even really think about it, it just came out but I felt so inspired and excited about the prospect of this. As it happened in my group was a hypnotherapist who told me that often she had children and young people referred to her but she specialised in addictions in adults and could not find other hypnotherapists who could take on working with these children so if I should definitely do it as it was so much needed. I cannot tell you the sense of excitement I felt. She invited me to a seminar with a hypnotherapist who specialised in helping people deal with pain in the body and when I learned more about his I was bowled over. I often hear Grace talk about how in her journey she could not understand how hypnotherapy was not offered to the masses to overcome their problems and I completely resonate with that. Every time I talk about hypnotherapy to others and read about it I get such a deep sense of excitement. I recently told my Dad that I was planning on training as a hypnotherapist and again I was surprised at my absolute clarity and confidence that I was going to do it.
Since finding hypnotherapy again last year I have continued to feel happier and my confidence has grown. I've taken up opportunities I would have avoided in the past even being interviewed by a journalist for a TV news item on prime time TV.