January 6, 2014 is an important date for me. It’s the date that, via the help and teaching of Grace Smith, I took my power back. In doing so, it was if I was reborn. You can’t go up the mountain and not come down the other side a changed being. I am still Leah; I still love to laugh, read, cook, spend time with my children (human and furry), family and friends. I still hate asparagus, bad drivers and when my hair is staticky. I am still me and yet I am not.

I took part in Grace’s “trance-formation challenge” and came down the other side of the mountain a better me. One who was able to recognize anxiety as it was creeping up and stop it in its tracks. One who was able to live fully in the moment and experience whatever emotion came with that moment and still have an underlying sense of peace through it all. I was able to go to my doctor and tell her that I was finally ready to be weaned off the anxiety meds that had helped me up until this point and then was able to celebrate once I had.

I walked taller, sat straighter, looked people in the eye and was filled with genuine confidence. I was also able to empathize on an even deeper level and to sho1 who weren’t walking tall, those who couldn’t control their anxiety, those who weren’t happy, confident and at peace. And I was able to refer them to Grace and to show them, by my own actions and newfound “me-ness” that change was possible, attainable and permanent.

Tonight, myself and the other two challenge winners were blessed to be able to take part in a group session with Grace. We were able to share in more depth all that we had learned and accomplished and all that we still had left to accomplish. We were able to connect, build trust and friendship and a community; a community that was like minded in wanting to better ourselves so that we in turn, even if just by our actions, could better others. It was a surreal moment in that I have never felt so connected, so open, so receptive, and so empowered.

Two of Grace’s challenges to us were to write a life plan and a mantra for ourselves. While my full life plan can be found on her Facebook page, the small part I want to share here is that I was so inspired by her willingness and want to help others, that I now plan on becoming a licensed hypnotherapist. I feel it is my calling to give back what she helped me to receive. And it is because i feel that way that my mantra is: “Passion, Purpose, Peace.”

If you have tried everything else and still feel lost and embattled, let Grace help you take your power back so that you can live!!!