I didn't “buy it”.. or I thought even if [hypnosis] works for some people, I wouldn't be one of those people. I was extremely skeptical.

Major anxiety issues, which were causing me to have frequent insomnia [were issues I wanted to fix with hypnosis].

The first session was spontaneous – a quick “tryout” on my sister's bed.. no real issues were tackled as I wasn't prepared to vocalize my problem, so this was just a general “unfocused” hypnosis – I was completely shocked at the way I felt throughout the session.. so completely present, but also like I was under a heavy spell. It was very strange, but I felt great the rest of the entire day – it almost came in waves, a feeling of complete contentment and spikes of giddiness. I really wanted to try again, but this time with a specific goal in mind. So I scheduled an appointment with Grace at her NYC office and let her know that I would like to tackle my anxiety and sleeplessness. The session was short, I was able to use a lunch break and go right back to work. And I slept SO well after. It felt like a physical & separate being had been living inside me, taking up space and disrupting my whole system. And Grace Smith was able to transform that energy so it was just me in there – I felt afterwards like my body was mine again.