I had tried [hypnosis] before for test anxiety and had success.
General feelings of unhappiness/knowing I was meant for more but not sure what/lots of procrastination [were issues I wanted to address with hypnosis].
Success is such an understatement! Hypnosis with Grace literally UNLOCKED MY LIFE – and I'm not even halfway through! In one of our phone sessions, we were focusing on my inability to focus and follow through on a task (studying mostly but also little things like laundry). I had a huge to-do list but felt paralyzed and as a result nothing was getting done. We talked a lot about this and then jumped into a hypnosis which started off general enough and then unexpectedly plunged me into a past life. It was surreal. I looked around me and could see the terrain as clear as day. I could see and recognize the faces around me, though they were not the faces of the people in my current life. I could smell the smells of the area I was in, I could reach down and touch my “clothing” and really feel what it felt like. It was animal furs, head to toe, which I have never worn and yet could really feel them. Grace walked me through a specific scenario and ultimately allowed me to travel to heaven – or my life between lives – where I was able to ask specific questions of some sort of council. There just isn't time or space here to express what the experience was like and whether you believe in past lives or not (or whether it was a past life or perhaps my subconscious' way of opening up to me) isn't what's important. The profound and instantaneous change in my life is what is important. Things that had plagued me for years (lifetimes even) were undone. My life opened up and possibilities became clear. One session literally changed the course of my life. I feel different on a cellular level. My mind and my heart are expanded. It leaves me thirsting for more, loving me, loving my life more and yet excited for expansion and what's to come.
From her second survey:
Before I started working with Grace, I was a little skeptical about hypnosis – and also nervous. It seemed like it could be a little dangerous giving someone access to the deepest recesses of my mind.
I was suffering from some pretty severe social anxiety (and to a lesser extent, driving anxiety). If we were invited to get together with friends (even friends I had enjoyed spending time with on other occasions), I would feel so much stress about going that I would often make myself sick. My stomach would hurt, I would feel nauseous and my heart would race just at the thought of going. And it didn't end there. If I did end up getting together with friends, afterward I would obsess endlessly about the event. Did I say or do something stupid? Did so-and-so like me/not like me? Did I embarrass myself/my husband/my kids? It was a vicious cycle. Enter the Grace Space Anxiety Challenge. I stuck with the challenge every single day for 21 days and what an amazing difference. Not only did I feel incrementally better after each session, but I found myself naturally applying the things I learned throughout the day. I was able to calm myself down when I started to get that same anxious feeling and actually start to not only look forward to getting together with friends, but enjoy myself during our time together and now worry endlessly for days after about what people thought of me. The relief from this level of stress is palpable! I am incredibly thankful for the changes I was able to make (and the processes I can continue to use) thanks to hypnosis.